Tuesday, December 30, 2008

something old and something new...

something new...

Tunnel Under Margit Bridge

Trash in cracks
camouflaged by spray-painted 
walls, the scent of excrement
evidence the homeless 
had dinner...
emergence into twinkling lights
the cleansing air of car exhaust and river
winds chapping past my cheeks
the majesty of the bridges...
the lights reflecting off the

and the remaining remnants of rose
sink beneath the palace hill...

a few more refurbished remnants of old...


instant of insanity
gravity of need
hopeful to infinity
pity on its knees

gravely walking behind 
hidden blindfolds,
the scent of something 

blocking cresting waves
the spray of water
the coolness of salt remains

stinging in open wound

in need...

the language that tires
the language that inspires


what is daily life
what needs arise within
kicking demands into
the fluid of the womb--
reality outside the
boundaries of perception

what madness fools
minds and rules
masses to false
duels to death

for recorded dreams
seen through drunken goggles

muddy river rinsing out death
spittle on glass to see again

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